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Super ground floor paint For those with special needs on the ground, such as the need for acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, waterproof, anti-skid environment, such as beverage factories, food factories, chemical laboratories, hospitals and other places, you can choose to use super ground paint. Super ground paint is a new type of floor material to replace epoxy floor. It uses water as the loose medium and does not contain organic solvents, which is conducive to protecting the environment and the health of construction personnel, and meets the needs of environmental protection at that time.
The polymerization and curing of floor paint is mainly through the action of oxygen, catalyst, ultraviolet ray, electronic ray, etc., to promote various types of polymerization and cross-linking chemical reactions of film-forming materials to form a network type polymer paint film. Such coatings commonly used in parking lot floor paint include unsaturated polyester resin, modified acrylic resin, polyurethane paint, acid cured amino alkyd paint, etc.
Slight scratch on the surface It is easy to deal with the slight scratch of marble. Use 600 \. Surface deep scratch Marble scratches, some damage to the background color, some do not. If the bottom color layer is not damaged, fill it with resin and blue water and white water first, and then polish it with wax; If the deep scratch damages the color layer, you need to use color paste or color essence to color, use 502 glue to close the color layer, and then fill and polish it.
How to make granite stone waterproof? 1. Clean the stone and clean the dust and stains on the surface of the stone when applying waterproof agent. The stains on the surface of the stone will be brought into the stone during the process of applying waterproof agent and cause harm Or pollution, so the stone must be thoroughly cleaned before waterproof treatment. If there are stubborn stains, they can be cleaned with professional stone cleaning agent. 2. Dry the stone. After the stone is cleaned, the next step can be carried out only after the stone is completely dried. It can be heated and dried. It is worth noting that if it is heated and dried The waterproof agent can only be applied when the stone temperature drops below 40 °. If the temperature is too high, the protective agent is easy to evaporate, and the penetration effect will not reach the expectation. 3. Brush the waterproof agent, evenly brush the stone waterproof agent sino-1250 on the stone surface, crisscross and fully brush, and the first brush should have enough amount, because the first time is not enough Insufficient, the second time after volatilization, the penetration depth is often not as deep as the first time. 4. Natural drying: after the waterproof agent is applied, the stone shall be naturally dried and shall not be exposed to rainwater and other pollutants within 24 hours. 5. The stone wet paste must be used together with the sealant at the bottom of the stone, which can effectively prevent water spots and alkali return, and greatly improve the stone protection ability. The amount of waterproof agent used for stones with different densities is also different. Different installation positions and methods have different requirements for the amount of waterproof agent. The stones on the cement wet pavement are relatively dry The amount of waterproof agent required for hanging stone shall be larger, and it shall be painted at least twice.
How to deal with marble anti-slip? Marble is basically inseparable from modern decoration, and marble has become an indispensable decoration material for home decoration and tooling. As the saying goes: "Things are rare, and the old is more kind", and all kinds of stone materials are quickly used in the decoration industry. There are many users of marble with decorative effect of stone. Smooth stone marble is much more slippery, which is prone to safety accidents. So, what is the anti-skid treatment method of stone? How to do anti-skid treatment of stone? Anti-skid treatment method of marble Mechanical processing Once and for all, it must be mechanically treated. Through certain technical means, the stone surface is formed into uneven textures such as burnt surface, machine planed surface, lychee surface, antique surface and chopped axe surface to achieve anti-slip effect. However, it requires professional technicians to operate, and the cost is high. At the same time, the stone floor after mechanical treatment loses its original bright effect, and it is difficult to clean and maintain. Use a non-slip mat For the anti-skid pad itself, making anti-skid is simple and convenient to operate, which seems to save time and effort. However, frequent cleaning is required, which is very troublesome and affects the overall appearance to a certain extent. If the cleaning is not timely, various bacteria and ants will be attracted, especially hidden corners are difficult to find. use anti-slip agent sino-305 high efficiency anti-skid: the surface friction coefficient before and after use can increase from 0.2-0.4 to 0.8-0.9, the more slippery the ground is, the more significant the effect is; the effect is lasting: once sprayed, the anti-skid effect can be maintained for 5-7 years after regular use; safe Environmental protection: This product is a water-based fruit acid component, which will not produce harmful residues after use; Simple operation: no professional construction is required, and you can do it yourself without slipping; The appearance remains unchanged: maintain the original color, feel, and gloss of the substrate; Imported materials: This product is imported raw materials, neutral materials.
Construction process of concrete sealing and curing agent: 1. Clean the concrete floor, sprinkle the concrete sealing and curing agent evenly into the diluted concrete sealing and curing agent, and then penetrate into the concrete floor again to completely clean the concrete floor. 2. Detailed description of concrete ground hardener construction process 3. Clean the concrete floor, keep it clean, and keep the surface dry. 4. Dmg-a concrete sealing and curing agent can be directly and evenly sprayed on the surface of the ground, and pushed repeatedly with a long hair brush to make the ground concrete sealing and curing agent penetrate evenly for about 35-55 minutes (the actual situation depends on the temperature at that time). 5. When the ground concrete sealing and curing agent on the surface of the floor becomes slippery and thick, sprinkle a small amount of tap water on the concrete floor (about 1/3 of the amount of ground concrete sealing and curing agent used), and evenly push it away with a long hair brush, and polish it with a multi-functional floor washer and a cleaning pad (pure white) to promote the re infiltration of the cement floor. The infiltration time is the same as the above (about 35-55 minutes). 6. When the surface becomes slippery and thick again, clean all the cement floors completely with tap water, and then suck the waste water and residual concrete sealing curing agent completely with a dust collector. (Note: the residual concrete sealing curing agent must be cleaned). Precautions: when the cement floor is properly treated with concrete sealing curing agent, the amount of cement sealing curing agent is a very important indicator. The use of cement sealing curing agent is less, the contrast of cement floor is not maximized, and the actual effect of ground curing is poor. On the contrary, excessive use of cement sealing curing agent will lead to consumption. If too much cement sealing curing agent is not cleaned immediately, the cement sealing curing agent will produce crystals in the coagulation chart layer

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